• I need to renew the Safety Passport of my participants

    8 Weeks (56 days) before actual expiration date of your participants passports, you (the portal administrator of your company) will receive a notification email.

    From the moment you have participants with expiring passports an extra button will appear under the menu "My Team".
    This button "Expiring / Expired Learners" will allow you to Renew or Close the account of your team members.

    Please action each single participant in this list

    The options are :

    Renew Safety Passport : the participant will be re-enrolled in a new Safety Passport course. After successful completion he will receive a new Safety Passport valid for the next 2 years. (You will need to have credits available in order to extend access)

    Delete learner from expiration follow up : the participant does not need a new Safety Passport valid for the next 2 years.  The account of the participant will be closed.  He/she does not longer have access to the portal.